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Picture above: Afobaka Stuwdam



My name is Peter Troon and I was born in Paramaribo, Suriname. On the 1st of September 1985 I moved to the Netherlands. After exactly 15.5 years I returned to Suriname on March 1st 2001. During my staying in Suriname from March 1st to March 22nd 2001 I made pictures and I decided to place them on my website so that people can see more of the beauty of this country. This site is an addition to the Peter Troon Suriname Site, which also contains information for persons planning to visit the Republic of Suriname.

The Picture above shows the Afobaka Stuwdam. This stuw protects the area on the left side of the picture from the Van Blommenstein storage lake. The stuw was built in the Suriname river. The white house behind the stuw in the middle of the picture is a hydrolic power generating station. The generated electricity is used to supply Paranam and Paramaribo with power. Paranam is the home of Suralco, the Suriname Aluminum Company, L.L.C. Suralco is a devision of the American company Alcoa. Suralco mines bauxite in Suriname under rights that expire in 2032. Bauxite is used to make Aluminum.

SuriPics 2001

This site is meant to provide some impressions of Suriname. You will find pictures taken in several places like the capital Paramaribo, Nieuw Nickerie, Albina, Paranam, Brownsberg and more. A short explanation of the pictures is also available. You also can read a story of the things I experienced during my holiday in Suriname.

SuriPics 2003

These pages provide even more pictures of Suriname. Most of them were taken in Paramaribo, but places like Nieuw Nickerie, Wageningen and Carolina Creek were also photographed.

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